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Purpose: offers the best and most comprehensive genealogical resources and services available on the Web. The user can take a family history tour to learn all about discovering your roots and create their own family tree. Researchers are able to take advantage of tools such as the Family Finder, which indexes family information and records on the Internet. Also available are classes and articles, data online and on CDs, several membership subscriptions, web freebies, and an "Ask the Genealogist" column.

My Role: Weekly updating and maintenance, Visual branding, UI design and usability testing of client-side architecture, graphics design, promotional ads and assisted project management

Custom Homepages
These three corresponding homepages tailored to new and returning users depending upon specific interest and purchasing information gathered.
Index "N"
First time visitors to the web site.
Index "A"
Returning visitors who have purchased data online but no membership subscription(s).
Index "R"
Returning visitors who have purchased data online and subscribed to one or more memberships.

Family Tree Maker Software
This unique web site is dedicated to Family Tree Maker software application. Providing helpful product and genealogy information and technical support. Family Tree Maker has been America's #1-selling and top-rated family tree program.
FamilyTreeMaker Billboard Screens
These are a series of "Billboard" screens designed to pop-up as guidance information while navigating through the FamilyTreeMaker 11 software application.

Promotional Assets
Ad Banners and Pop-Ups
View a collection of advertising banners and pop-ups created to promote's products and services.
Html Promo Email
Product Picks is a monthly promotional email that features new Data CD releases, researcher's favorites, and special interest CDs.

Data CDs Product Icons
Generic product icons for data CDs and product pages.
Product Icons
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